Among our customers are many talented artists and designers. Because our business is based on You, accomplished designers, we have chosen to let one artist at the time
introduce themselves and their glasswork on our website. We will be adding more artists about four times a year and now it's time for Klart.


I enjoy many things in my work as a glassblower. It´s a pleasure to work with such a great material. Soft, hot and fresh glass waits every morning in the furnace ready for a new day with new designs. That´s how I have felt 20 years. I have had a small studio with my friend Johannes Rantasalo since 1999 in Nuutajärvi. This small glassvillage has been running around it´s burning heart, hotshop, over 220 years.

I like to use soft shapes and free, lively forms in my works. Even the sculpture is cold and hard, shapes are remaining that some day it has been liquid. It´s a pity that sculptures or whatever parts we are making, look most beautiful while they are hot and alive. I try to save some of that living shape in my works.

Colours are important to me, and colours in glass have their own world with different rules than any other material.Every colour have different kind of behaving. It takes time to get to know them all, but it´s fun to play with them and get surprises.

Teamwork is also an enjoyable part of the job. We are all the time ready for the next move, trying to make things going as smooth as we can. Living in the moment has been said to be difficult for people nowadays. With glass there is no choice to think something else and working as a team we are like dancing together, trying to find the same beat for our moves.

Welcome to see Nuutajärvi glassvillage!

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